Struggling With Decisions

As of a couple weeks ago, I gave up on my search for a new job and decided to focus fully on becoming a published fiction author. I’ve had a couple of hiccups in that along the way (which you can read about on my other blog), but today, I broke through them and feel really strong about what I’m doing.

Also today I got a call from two companies I’d previously applied for. One was a pre-interview interview and who knows if I’ll make that cut, but the other is probably someone calling to offer me a job. I say probably because I haven’t called them back yet. I’m struggling with what to say when I do. Do I really want this job? Part of me does and part of me doesn’t. The part that does wants it because income would be good and it could potentially lead somewhere great. The part that doesn’t questions whether it means I’m giving up on being a writer, because when I’m working, I tend not to write. It’s also not the most prestigious job and is likely to be very very low paying.

So I’m struggling with a decision right now. Do I call back and say thanks, but no thanks, or do I take the plunge that it could lead somewhere down the line and accept the position? If I pass (or even if I accept), will this other job end up being something, meaning I’d be faced with another decision. The other job is much higher paying and more prestigious, so that one would be even harder to turn down. STRUGGLE!

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